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Our Specials

As we spring forward, we wanted to take this time and share what is new at Skin ‘n Tonic. From staff to products, here is a glimpse of what is going on:
Welcome Aboard, Vanessa!
Please help us welcome Vanessa aboard! A full-time student at Temple University, she is going to manage our front desk on a part-time basis. We did find out that Vanessa has a passion for makeup, so it looks as though she will be able to help everyone with their Jane Iredale selections. Pretty awesome, huh? Be sure to say “hello” to Vanessa the next time you pop in!
Visible Results in 21 Days!
Do you have fine lines? Uneven skin tone? Lack of radiance? No worries…
ask Kerian and Rebecca about our Juveel Intensive Rejuvenation Treatment. This treatment applies a high active vitamin C formula, which is free of preservatives, colorants, fragrances and silicones, that contains a superior antioxidative strength that is time released and impacts the skin on multiple layers. This seasonal booster program addresses major skin issues like hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, and dullness. With in-spa treatments and at-home rituals, you will begin to see visible results within 21 days. 
Restore Your Complexion
Did you know that our Signature Facial is the type of treatment to schedule when you are trying to restore or maintain the balance of your complexion? This customized service takes into consideration your skin type and any conditions that you may have. For example, dehydration (surface dryness), which is a very common skin condition to experience after a long, cold winter, can be easily addressed during this treatment. Our Signature Facial includes a deep cleansing and then a tailor-made restorative phase that will revive your skin and leave it glowing.

Book our Signature Facial with Rebecca this April or May for just $80.
Massage Your Way to Good Health
Yes, we know that a massage is great way to help the body relax and unwind, but did you know that it can help strengthen your immune system, reduce PMS, and even combat insomnia? Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, recommended a regular massage as a way to good health. Our skin is our largest organ and is connected to the many systems and functions of our body. For example, our lymphatic system, which runs parallel to the circulatory system, is stimulated via massage, laughter, and exercise. Stimulating this system helps our bodies get rid of toxins, and along the way, strengthens and fortifies our immune system.

Book a 90-minute Massage with Cindi this April or May, on a Thursday or Friday, for just $100.
Enhancing Your Massage Experience
Kerian is always in search of products that will enhance the treatments offered at Skin ‘n Tonic. Our team is now using Elemental Herbology oils with all massage services. These 100% organic oils are imported from the UK and are custom selected for each client to ensure the best results. The oils are lightweight, and the grand part, they won’t leave a residue on your skin. Yes, we thought you would be happy about that detail!
Keep an Eye Out!
In the upcoming months, we are going to be introducing some new product collections, and, we will be transitioning to an online booking service. We will be sure to keep you posted with any updates via our newsletter and Facebook page. Of course, Kerian will bring you up-to-date if she happens to bump into you while out and about. 
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