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Can you believe that summer is on its way? Now is a perfect time to schedule a facial so we can adapt your skincare ritual and recommend the best products for the warmer months ahead. From your cleanser to your moisturizer, let me help you keep your complexion in tip-top shape this season!
Enjoy a Skincation This Summer!
We invite you to enjoy a skincation this summer with our Annual Express Facial Series. You will experience a variety of facials that include indigenous ingredients from different regions of Europe.

These 30-minute treatments will remind you of a luxurious adventure abroad without leaving home. We guarantee that every treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and anew. Here is a lovely overview of these facials:

Flower Essence Express: Garden of Versailles
Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers and immerse yourself in the botanical essences of daisies, hibiscus, and rose hip. This luxurious treatment hydrates and nourishes the complexion with vital minerals and vitamins that regenerate, revive and protect the skin.

Chateau Vino Facial: Lavaus Vineyards in the Swiss Alps
Cherry and grape extracts combined with grapeseed oil provide a mighty antioxidant surge to the skin. A great preventative or corrective measure, this phyto-synergy treatment actively firms and tones the skin to smooth, plump, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Oceanic Oasis: Beaches of Santorini Greece
This refreshing treatment creates a cooling and calming sensation to the skin. A blend of plant stem cells and oceanic ingredients work together to restore harmony and balance to your stressed complexion.

Our 2019 Summer Express Facial Series is $195.00 (originally $225.00).
Our series can only be purchased from our receptionist.
Treatments must be booked individually.
Our receptionist can convert your individual bookings into a series when you are at your first appointment of the series.
How Massage Addresses Athletic Injuries
Trends toward healthy living are driving people to engage in more regular physical activity, from running, biking and playing basketball to yoga, swimming or walking. The downside to increased physical activity, is a greater risk for injury.

WebMD reports that some of the most common sports-related injuries include ankle or hamstring sprain, groin pull, shin splints, tennis elbow and knee problems. In many cases, massage therapy or KCR in combination with the right topical pain relief product (like our Magsoothium or Muscle Melt). Can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, helping our active clients return more quickly to the links, the trail, the court, the mat or the pool.

Kerian was just recently interviewed by Massage Magazine and she shared with readers how she addresses athletic injuries in the treatment room.
Weekly Massage Treatments Keep Stress at Bay?
At Skin 'n Tonic, we address the aftermath of chronic stress and tension quite often. We do encourage our clients to book bi-weekly or monthly massage treatments to keep the negative side effects of stress at bay. We have found that 90-minute sessions truly create the best results.

Schedule this therapeutic treatment with Cindi on Thursday's for just $100
($20 savings). Don't delay, book your 90-minute massage today!
 You can even book it directly online yourself!!
Kerian's Corner
I am proud to say that we have uploaded all future and standing appointments into our new booking system. You are now able to schedule, reschedule and if needed cancel appointments ONLINE.
(Remember we do have a 24hr cancellation policy).
You can access the program via our Website or Facebook page. Our booking site even has an "app" for your phone that you can download called Fresha.

I'm aiming to make life easier for all.

Please call us with any questions that you may have about using the program!

We have also added some new Cinq Mondes skincare products. Be sure to ask me about their Elixer's (serums) which are a must-have product this summer.
I am also building our boutique with unusual must have items that make affordable great gifts.

Something special is happening...
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