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Oncology Skin and Body Care

Oncology Spa Services are known to reduce some of the common side effects of cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the nurturing qualities of these spa treatments, many patients will a notice an improvement with their complexion, plus a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Through proper skin care, we can help you look and feel better. It is important to select skin care and personal care products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, harsh ingredients and exfoliation properties, colors or other known reactive ingredients that may instigate reactions.
  • Sensitivity or allergic reactions to products (even past sensitivity/reactions)
  • Severe dryness and dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Photosensitivity
  • Rashes
  • Aging
  • Acne/Folliculitis
Depending on your particular condition, you may not have a skin reaction until you are finished with treatment. Skin reactions come and go; they may seem to get better on their own, or they may come back again much later.

Our therapists have been trained by the American Cancer Society and Massage Associations, as well as certified in Oncology Skincare. If you are newly diagnosed or a cancer survivor, we offer services that will help to relax your mind, body and spirit while maintaining the health and balance of your skin.

Prior to your initial service, we will provide you with a 15-minute complimentary consultation, which allows us to review our intake forms, plus the services that we offer you. Please note that all patients must consult their Oncologist and receive written approval before we start any new spa treatments.

The following 2 forms need to be completed and returned to us before we can massage any person currently undergoing any Oncology treatments. If they are a survivor the forms are not necessary.

Please bring these completed forms with you to your consultation.
Download Physician Permission Form For Massage - the Oncologist (or office) fills out
Download Oncology Massage Intake Form - the client fills out.

Our Oncology Services Team Leader

  This facial is designed for restoring and maintaining healthy skin. Cancer treatments may leave the skin dry, sensitive and lacking proper nutrients. Our aesthetician (with certification in Oncology Skincare) will assess your skin care needs and provide the appropriate treatment to help create visible results. A soothing hand or foot treatment with warm or cool towel compresses is also included.

  This massage treatment was specially designed for those living with cancer. Our certified massage therapist with special cancer training will use light to moderate pressure to help relieve stress, pain and fatigue while promoting increased circulation and creating a sense of well-being.

  Please note that we are not offering a treatment for cancer.
All Chemical Peels and strong exfoliations should be avoided during a course of chemotherapy,
and for a period of time after treatment.

*Prices subject to change.
Times listed are approximate; times listed are the maximum,
actual times may be shorter.